Small batch coffee, hand crafted tea - all in the heart of Ohio


Who We Are

We started out with an idea for ownership and the will to keep trying. We had a tiny little business with handmade tags and bags of tea, (no coffee yet) that we brought to local farmers markets and events around Columbus. Starting a business was one of the most challenging and exciting things I have done and I am so thankful for the journey. We learned so much hauling our little business from booth to booth but we had a much bigger dream in mind.


We took a step back from the market and went straight in to researching our next move. I went to roasting school, we both took business classes, and we launch a new business. We have grown exponentially because of our community, it took years to research and development our different coffees and tea, and our business. We are proud to offer you all our hard work, we know the journey is long, but at least its caffeinated.

How We Got Our Name 

With a name like Fruits & Roots, you might be expecting smoothies or fresh farmed produce. When we first envisioned our company we wanted to run it a certain way. First be fruitful, then multiply.  


To us that mean’s taking time to breath between ideas and implementing them. There is no shortage of amazing ideas, its whether any of them adds value to the customer or not. We want our efforts, interactions, and business to bare good fruit, abundantly. For this reason we take our time with each idea, we vet it with our community, and we consider it to be like a plant that not only takes time but also needs tended to, making sure each branch is exactly as intended.  This allows us to bring forth developed ideas, that we continually refresh making sure it's continually bearing fruit.


To grow good fruit you need strong roots. A nutrient dense, well love soil will weather any storm or drought. This is our commitment and our community. Because we’re an online company, community might look a bit different than a traditional shop. We grow our community by connecting our love for coffee and tea, with our passion for seeing others grow, and showing up for our community. Each interaction we have, in person or online is a chance to strengthen our roots, that’s how we treat each person we meet.